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As the area’s most trusted Lutron designer and installer, Technical Comfort is the ultimate authority in Lutron products. We will answer all your questions, guide you through the system selection and design process, manage your installation from start to finish, and provide upgrades and repairs if necessary. Our exceptional customer service and outstanding technical skill have earned us a reputation as one of the nation’s leading Lutron providers. Wondering which Lutron product is right for your home? Read on to discover the available options.

Lutron RadioRA 3

Comfortably accommodating homes up to 7,500 square feet, Lutron RadioRA 3 covers up to 200 independent devices. Interfacing seamlessly with the cloud, RadioRA3 uses a range of innovative technologies for the ultimate in convenience and comfort. Craft presets to accompany your favorite activities or enhance your daily habits. Its wide range of styles and colors adds a touch of elegance to every room, while its intuitive controls make even minute adjustments a breeze. And, if you already have a Lutron system, RadioRA 3 is backward compatible with the RadioRA 2 and RA2 Select platforms. Read more about the Lutron RadioRA 3 system.

Lutron RadioRA 3, RadioRA 2 and RA2 Select

While the Lutron RadioRA 3 takes RF home automation to a whole new level, the venerable RadioRA 2 and RA2 Select systems are still available. We'll work with you to determine which option suits your needs the best.


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Lutron HomeWorks QSX

Make your home exactly what you want it to be. By far Lutron’s most advanced and robust home automation offering, the HomeWorks QSX system offers unparalleled control over lighting and shades in your home. Achieve perfect balance and harmony between your lighting and shading systems, HVAC systems, and much more. Extending to over 50,000 square feet and accommodating up to 10,000 distinctive zones, HomeWorks QSX is perfect for the tasteful luxury homeowner who wants to make the most of their space. Read more about the Lutron HomeWorks QSX system.

Designed as a replacement for the HomeWorks QS system, the HomeWorks QSX includes the capabilities of the Connect Bridge and direct integration with the innovative Ketra lighting system. It also offers backward compatibility with QS processors and wireless devices, protecting your investment in Lutron home automation.

Lutron Motorized Shades And Drapes

No home is complete without the perfect lighting, and no Lutron system is complete without the latest features. Solve both problems at once by adding custom Lutron shades and drapes to your home. Combining luxurious fabrics and designer styles, all Lutron window treatments are built to operate smoothly and nearly soundlessly. They can bathe your home in gorgeous natural light, save substantially on electricity costs, and coordinate effortlessly with the rest of your Lutron system. Read more about Lutron Shades and Drapes.

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Technical Comfort is Orange County’s premier provider of Lutron products and services. We can help you design the perfect system, select the components that are right for you, and handle each phase of the installation process. 

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